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Libra Paper Wallet
Generate a new Libra cryptocurrency wallet address, its QR code, and the recovery seed - 24 words.

The wallet generation is done client-side. It means that your recovery words are not sent to (or received from) the internet. They are visible to you only, and only in the device (desktop, mobile...) that you are currently using. If not copied or printed, after the page refresh, your newly generated wallet details will disappear.

Your address is public. The QR code is the same public address, readable by QR scanners. You can send or receive coins from or to a public address.

Your 24 words are secret. The one who has access to these seed words has the access to the wallet funds. So keep them safe, and also don't lose them, because the seed words are not recoverable.

Libra Paper Wallet is open source.

You can also use it offline. Build the github package yourself, or download the archived ready-made build Extract it, disconnect from the internet, open extracted index.html in your browser, and then generate your wallets.

≋ Libra Paper Wallet v0.1-beta